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Pray For Haiti Statement 

My name is Rose Francois, and I am the author of A Generational Cry: Based on the True Story of the Haitian Revolution. Like you, I have watched the many devastating events happening in Haiti this year, and with each tragedy, I have worked tirelessly to cling to hope. 


Events like the #FreeHaiti protest, assassination of the President Jovenel Moise, 7.2 earthquake, Haitian migrants in Texas, and missionary kidnappings, have led me to crave a sense of community as well as the combination of work and prayer. 


I am more than ready to see a positive change for the people of Haiti. I want to see an end to the destruction and I know I’m not alone. I believe intentional work, donation to key organizations on the ground, and intercessory prayer can help us get there. In moments like these, I think of people like Dr. King, who believed in the power of prayer and organizing change, and I am reminded that we too can overcome it if we combine the two


So here’s my call of action: I am calling all Haitians, Haitian diaspora, and Haitian allies to come together to pray for Haiti. We will pray for 7 weeks starting on Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 9pmEST on ClubHouse @Rosefrancois until  Sunday, January 2, 2022. We’re believing in a miracle and will ground our prayer  with 2 Chronicles 7:14.


Please get ahead of the call to action and share your specific prayer request here!

ak kouraj,

Rose Francois