Meet Toussaint Louverture, the main character of #AGenerationalCry

Meet the main character in my book, and one of my heroes, Toussaint Louverture. The man who made his presence known worldwide. A Black man, who governed the French colony Saint Domingue, in the 18th century. A man who united the revolutionary former enslaved men and woman to fight. The international leader who allied with US President, John Adams, and pushed Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France in the 18th century, to do the Louisiana purchase, the largest land the U.S received in history, because he did not want another "Haiti" (A Black republic).

But most importantly, when the war was silenced and the governmental orders grew still, Toussaint enjoyed sitting on his wooden porch with his bright-eyed wife Suzanne; and on the weekends he beamed to teach his sons, Placide and Issac how to read "The Beauty and the Beast."


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