How Instagram Denied Promoting My Video On Ending Racism

On the evening on Wednesday, March 10th, I walked in my kitchen and asked my little sister a simple question. "Have you ever created an ad on instagram?"

My sister lied back on the couch scrolling through her instagram feed. "No, but I heard if you do it on Facebook, you can connect it to your insta account."

I thought this was a great idea and figured it was the best move for me. I just received the completed promo for my author video created by @ceejules on instagram, one of my best friends, and I was ready to promote my video about why I wrote my book, A Generational Cry: Based on A True Story of the Haitian Revolution. My video was 30 seconds long and explained that our Generational Cry in 2021 is to end racism. A learning I discovered after researching and writing my book about the Haitian Revolution.


The next day came, Thursday, March 11th, and I was excited to post my video to promote my book and invite others to join me in the movement to end racism, when I went to my Facebook page, "ARISINGUP" a racial justice community disrupting systems of injustice and making antiracism a lifestyle, and was not approved. I also learned I could not promote on my personal page, so I decided to try instagram.

When I tried instagram, I had to wait because I was "pending approval" but soon in 30 minutes I learned I wasn't approved. I changed the feature "learn more" to "visit instagram page" thinking my Eventbrite link may have caused a red flag. Nothing. I even removed my desired target audience and allow instagrams algorithm to do the job. Nothing. I removed key words like "Activism" and changed the region to narrow the search. Nothing. I was denied. But I wasn't ready to give up so I tried again. I went to my ARISINGUP instagram page and the same thing happened. I went "under review" to advocate for my video to be promoted but I heard nothing back. NOTHING.

Technology and Racism

After over five times of trying to promote my video. I concluded that there wasn't something wrong with my video but rather something wrong with the algorithm and assessment process to promote videos about ending racism. I am a HUGE advocate for anti-racism work and realized I have not seen any ads about anti-racism, only hash-tags (if there are ads, please let me know). Essentially, this is a problem. I need your help to promote the video to end racism.

Please re-share and support.

Thank you,

Rose Francois

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