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A Generational Cry: Readers
A Generational Cry: Readers
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About A Generational Cry  

On a humid night, unlike any other in Saint-Domingue, Toussaint, a former enslaved stable boy turned coachman, sat on his cabin porch with his wife and two sons. From a distance, a sea of enslaved people holding flaming torches were approaching to burn down his plantation house. Although he knew a revolution arose, the timing couldn’t seem worse for him. With the recent death of his best friend and papa, just getting married, and becoming a freeman. Not to mention, God still had not deciphered his recurring dreams of the red-and blue-leafed tree. So, he buried his warm yearning to fight in the revolution, in order to wait for an opening. But, will he be too late? Will he miss an opportunity to change the nation to come?


As an omitted story that has yet to be told in the magnitude it deserves, A Generational Cry: Based on A True Story of the Haitian Revolution, is a literary weapon on how to begin and sustain the fight to disrupt systems of injustice.

A Generational Cry:

Based on A True Story of the Haitian Revolution 

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